SCHOOL OUTREACH / AID DISTRIBUTION (Education Cannot Wait Campaign)

The school outreach phase aimed at engaging the children in talks and learning exercises geared towards increasing their interest levels in education and helping realize its importance and role in self development, actualization and relevance to Education Cannot Wait 111society in the future. The campaign also focused on providing aid and support through distribution of school supplies to support learning activities and encourage the children and parents to continue to strive towards educationEducation Cannot Wait 1.jpg22.

Materials were handed to the children based on need levels as outlined by the school heads and teachers to ensure that children who were in school without the required materials to ensure complete learning benefited from the campaign. Also children who had been sent home due to inability to meet up with school requirements were also aided to ensure their return to school and learning.

IMPACT SUMMARY               

During the course of the campaign 4 communities in total were impacted, over 2000 children benefitted in diverse ways and an average of 300 parents and stakeholders participated in the stakeholders meetings.

The communities’ educational sector was rejuvenated and a more inclusive approach has been set in place for future collaborations and development. Feedback reports from traditional ruler, community heads and parents show that such projects are timely and highly effective in achieving better education for all in these communities.

In general the needs are numerous and more effort would be required to serve the need of the people hence the second phase would be more encompassing and broader.

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