The SUMMIT is aimed at educating youth through engaging sessions with prominent leaders and advocates for youth development and purpose driven life. Our facilitators skilled individuals from diverse walks of life and possess extensive experiences on relevant inspirational/motivational topics targeted at empowering the mind of young people and challenging them towards self-development and responsibility.


The objectives of the Break It down Summit is to

– Educate Inspire and Produce Purpose-Driven, Self-Motivated Youth responsible for creating economic reformation in Sapele community and Niger Delta at large.

– Help young people develop their potential and discover their roles in the society as leaders of the future through mentorship and series of word empowerment.

– Launch a Personal Guidance Book that will help instigate personal growth in the lives of participants towards attaining effective progress and tangible results in the journey to self-discovery and development.

– Encouraging the visions of young people by sponsoring at least 15 young people with outstanding entrepreneurship ideas that have the potential to create positive change and empower other young people.

Participants stand to gain access to : Learning opportunity: Young visionary leaders learn from frontiers promoting good governance in Nigeria, captains of industries with proven results ; Coaching/Mentorship: Participants get access to personalized coaching opportunities from some of the guest speakers ; Networking: This will also serve as a networking platform for young leaders within the Sapele community to network within themselves, creating avenues possible collaborations ; Certifications: Participants are also awarded certificate of participations at the summit. ; At the end of the summit, participants should be able to drive positive change, implementing tangible strategies learnt from the summit in their various communities with special reference to Sapele community.

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at RM 11, Winnie ‘ Plaza, #108 Okpe Road, by Otomewo Junction. Sapele, Delta-State.

CALL ANY OF THESE NUMBERS FOR INQUIRIES: _07030413987 or 09097875899 or 07062217621


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