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Education cannot wait campaign

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new12Education cannot wait campaign

EDUCATION CANNOT WAIT CAMPAIGN: The importance of education to human beings cannot be over emphasized. Education is a human right that should be accorded to all human beings solely by reason of being human. The relationship between education and development is well established such that education is a key index of development. It has been documented that schooling improves productivity, health and reduces negative features of life such as child labour as well as bringing about empowerment. The importance and linkage of education to the development of any society is well known. It is in recognition of this importance that the international community and governments all over the world have made commitments for citizens to have access to education.


  • Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for people living in rural communities.
  • Create awareness and spark national conversations on the state of education in rural communities towards improving the quality education for all.
  • Utilizing technology and innovation in improving education standards in rural communities.


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  • MEDIA CAMPAIGN (Education cannot wait)

The media has changed the way information is decimated in the last decade which has also transformed communication patterns. The importance and roles of the media platforms cannot be understated, from social media, print media, visuals and audio Medias it is paramount for any campaign to utilize these platforms in order to reach maximum audience.

This phase embarks on a massive media campaign using all visual aids to spark conversation globally on the urgent need for education for all.

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  • RURAL COMMUNITY SENSITIZATION (Education cannot wait) Town hall Meetings

Rural Communities are the direct beneficiaries of the Education Cannot Wait campaign and in the bid to have an inclusive campaign it is mandatory to inter phase with local traditional rulers, chiefs and elders in order to ensure they contribute to the educational development of their communities. Development excluding the people directly involved is a failed venture, hence the involvement of traditional rulers and leaders ensured a sustainable platform was created, as they embrace the campaign and encouraged indigenes both within and in Diaspora to be directly involved with the campaign and also ensured the local indigenes are open to the campaign.

On this platform we would be able to access the community town halls, the people and carry out extensive survey prior to the launch of the project. In conclusion the success of the entire project thus far is directly reliant on the involvement and support of the community leaders.

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  • A WALK (Education cannot wait CAMPAIGN)

The Education Cannot Wait Campaign walk is organized to sensitize the public on the ongoing campaign to promote and increase education statistics in rural areas and enlighten the people on the roles of education in community development and the intricate roles of individuals and stake holders in ensuring education is priority for all.

The campaign WALK covers urban towns surrounded by rural settlements which serve as a central place of commerce for the rural communities.

Participation statistics is highly mandatory to the success of the aim of the walk, which is to achieve major awareness within and outside these communities.

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  • SCHOOL OUTREACH / GRAND DISTRIBUTION(Education Cannot Wait Campaign)

The school outreach phase aimed at engaging the children in talks and learning exercises geared towards increasing their interest levels in education and helping realize its importance and role in self development, actualization and relevance to society in the future. The campaign also focuses on providing aid and support through distribution of school supplies to support learning activities and encourage the children and parents to continue to strive towards education.

Materials are handed to the children based on need levels as outlined by the school heads and teachers to ensure that children who attend school without the required materials are empowered to fully participate in complete learning as beneficiaries of the campaign. Also children who had been sent home due to their inability to meet up with school requirements are also aided to ensure their return to school and learning.

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