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As a follow up to the conference, a screening exercise was held to meet with the applicants to ascertain need areas and determine how best to utilize limited resources to affect the lives of those with higher needs.

23 girls were shortlisted to benefit from the program but we actualized this phase in batches each batch determined by the funds available . Also the mentorship program is weekly program, where volunteer counselors and mentors give a couple of hours on weekends to spend time with the girls.

Each batch consisted of 5 trainees in respective skills:

  • Hair styling
  • Beads and accessories making
  • Tailoring


The W.O.M.A.N Conference is an annual project hosted each year and increases in terms of capacity each year. The beneficiaries from the maiden edition in turn aid new applicants thereby creating a cycle of collective efforts and a long term impact on community development.

The overall aim and objective of the conference was met, over 70 percent of the participants signed up for follow up through internship, counseling, mentoring and skill acquisition. After careful evaluation of the statistics and facts from the conference, it has been assessed and ascertained that there is a tremendous need for such programs within the area and there are lots of girls within the age range that would benefit from the program.

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