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The Sister Project (TSP)

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Girls are the largest under developed, under-powered, underrated and exploited group of people around the world and they represent an alarming percent of untapped and unexplored wealth of knowledge and productivity the world needs. This has served as a deterrent to rapid growth and inclusive development from rural to urban communities especially in sub Saharan Africa.  Hence the need to inspire, motivate and instigate a generation of girls who know their worth, recognize their roles and are ready to STAND for leadership and development is imperative. Majority of indigent girls in the Niger Delta face a 99% risk of becoming semi educated, single mothers due to societal vices and a total lack of initiatives to positively harness and guide their strengths.

The need for Women to be empowered through capacity development, and be given the ability to make free and informed decisions, as well as fair opportunities to access resources is a drive for this project. This project focuses on needs to be provided to assist in closing existing gaps in gender equality and women empowerment.

We aim at instigating change and promoting all-encompassing orientation for general lifestyle and value systems amongst young women. Women are the soul of every community, by empowering women and the girl child through series of educational, enlightening and informative programs, we hope to inspire them to aspire for greater heights and be actively involved in developing their communities. Every year we host our annual conference aimed at promoting the values we embody and serve as a toll to achieving our goals.



The W.O.M.A.N Conference 2016: is a one day a event that held on the 20th April 2016. It brought together over 150 girls/ women in an interactive session, to share experiences, mentor and receive mentorship, It was an inspiring and motivating event for young women to embrace self-worth, values and be relevant in community development. Skill/ acquisition training were also initiated as a follow up to the conference for disadvantaged girls. The beneficiaries from each edition will in turn aid new participants thereby creating a cycle of collective efforts and a long term impact on community development through women empowerment.

SHE STANDS CONFERENCE 2017 (In view):Our goal is empower girls through mentorship and exposure to global trends towards raising a generation of young female leaders that are self-developed and reliant girls. This year’s conference seeks to inspire and bring into limelight a new generation of girls/ women who are committed and determined to STAND as leaders and change makers in their various communities. Challenging gender roles and breaking societal barriers that limit women and girls.


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Ruderf’s Solutions

Education cannot wait: This involves reaching out to the nook and crannies of rural communities to find kids within primary school age who have dropped out or have never been to school. Street hawkers and child labour victims. Our goal is to re-enrol them in schools and ensure they have equal opportunity to access quality education.

Mini Scholarships: This program aids young girls and boys who have completed their primary or secondary education and lack the means to further, scholarships would be sourced for them and they would be encouraged to continue and be the best they can be.

Back to school supplies: At the beginning of every new school session we embark on a school visit to government run schools in rural communities, selected kids who cannot afford school supplies at the beginning of each school year are given supplies and learning materials and a complete kit for school.

School clubs/outreach: this  focuses on school outreach programs, teaching, educating and enlightening both male and female students on various topics. It also includes setting up clubs in schools we visit. Some of these clubs are:

  • I read club: a club designed to foster reading habits among young children.
  • Young Leaders club: a club to teach young boys to be well groomed and develop into gentlemen despite the harsh environment we live in.
  • Girl aware club: a club that focuses on grooming young girls and tutoring them on issues affecting women and guiding them towards making best choices in life.


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