The SISTER PROJECT launched its annual one day conference that focuses on addressing female exploitation and devaluation within rural and semi urban communities. The project caters to young women in delta- state, within the ages of 15- 35 years. The level of orientation and value systems among young women in these areas after a careful survey has been recorded to be very low, due to lack of beneficial programs to enlighten and reorient them on the consequences of harmful practices and lifestyles as a result they are unable to fight for equal rights in the society and assume a position of dependence.

The need for Women to be empowered through capacity development, and be given the ability to make free and informed decisions, as well as fair opportunities to access resources is a drive for this project. We believe there is a pressing need to be provided to assist in closing existing gaps in gender equality and women empowerment in rural communities.We aim at instigating change and promoting all-encompassing orientation for general lifestyle and value systems amongst young women. Women are the soul of every community, by empowering women and the girl child through series of educational, enlightening and informative programs, we hope to inspire them to aspire for greater heights and be actively involved in developing their communities.


The conference was organised to ORIENT, INSPIRE AND GUIDE young women and girls, encouraging them through sharing of experiences of other women and young girls, assisting them in getting engaged in gainful activities through internship opportunities, mentorship programs and scholarships where possible. To give them better chances to improve their lives and increase their relevance in the society. RUDERF engages volunteer women who offer themselves as sisters to younger generations.

The project therefore reaches out in love and towards building their capacity to be gainfully engaged. It is also a campaign to Honour women and is promoted throughout the communities as a challenge for women and girls to rise above the victim position and take initiative to lead in their communities.

The W.O.M.A.N Conference took place on the 20th of April 2016, at Richards Continental Hotel in Sapele, Delta- state, Nigeria. It began at 12:00pm and was concluded at 3:15 pm. The conference hosted a total number of 150 people comprising of a majority of young girls and women, 110 being the target audience and an estimated 40 being, facilitators, counselors, partners and the RUDERF team members and supporters

There were 3 resource persons who addressed different topics during the conference.

Pst Fanny Ekpekurede : Founder Christ Center Ministry : Topic (Know your value; There is more to you)

Mrs Feldman Edijiana: Head Administrator MONA School: (Activate your potentials)

Dr Agbatutu Ese : Founder MADEN Concepts(Make Healthy Choices ;Your body! Your Life!)

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