This initiative focuses on mentoring young people towards developing  leadership skills, building a community of inspired and motivated youth and giving them a platform to become viable change makers and relevant contributors to community development and nation building .  The program is organized to mentor teenage boys and girls within the ages of 13 – 20 years of age in semi urban and rural communities around the Niger Delta, it has a robust team of volunteer experienced mentors and counselors working together to diligently execute a structured curriculum which aims at addressing issues such as : Youth and the SDG’S ,Youth and Leadership ,gender roles/ equality ,development of self-confidence ,public speaking ,the challenges of young people ,Environmental influence on young people, environmental responsibility, your background : A stepping stone ,relationship and sex ,cultism : The danger, maximizing social networking ,drugs/alcoholism :The danger ,Social vices: The way out ,personal growth ,career awareness ,cultural awareness ,community involvement

The aim of the mentorship program is to build resilience, positive attitude and self-esteem through a comprehensive positive youth development program. To reduce risky behavior among middle and school youths.

WE LEAD MENTORSHIP initiative is a timely intervention program to reduce the high rate of youth restiveness, crime, teenage pregnancy, unplanned marriages, and fraudulent activities of teenagers and youth within the Niger Delta, it also hopes to groom a new generation of youth who are aware of social responsibilities, policy and good governance advocacy and civic responsibilities to ensure a secure and safer society where youth are positioned to take initiative towards community and nation building.

The objectives of the curriculum is structured to ensure :Participants are fully aware of the SDG’S ;Participants should be involved and motivated towards adopting the SDG’s personally ;Participants should develop resilient skills through participation in various key issues ;Participants should demonstrate positive attitudinal change regarding school, career, parents and environments ;Participants should have a good self-esteem ;Participants should have developed leadership skills ;Participants should fully understand value systems, and their consequences ;Participants should have proper career awareness ;Participants should have developed competent public speaking ability ;Participants should know how to relate with opposite sex; Participants should have developed self-confidence.


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