In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic across the globe today, no one was prepared for the increase in humanitarian crisis and as world leaders, governments and organizations are making effort to combat the effects of the pandemic, the need for local collective effort is imperative.

Unfortunately, low income families and vulnerable people live in rural communities across Nigeria are more at risk of becoming victims of the dread Covid 19 disease. Thus we have taken the initiative to provide support to the most vulnerable people in our host communities

The COVID 19 Pandemic Rural Relief Response intervention was carried out door to door, enlightening and sensitizing families on the COVID-19 pandemic, the intervention targeted the most vulnerable families in our host communities and also provided relief materials such as food items and basic supplies needed for survival during the compulsory lockdown, imposed by most states. These relief packages would enable these families stay safe and survive these hard times.


To sensitize rural dwellers with great emphasis on vulnerable families, about the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic and safety measures to contain the spread of the virus.
• To provide relief materials such as food items and basic supplies needed for survival to 100 vulnerable families in Sapele community.

Rural women
• Low income families
• People with disabilities

Rural families understand the pandemic and stay safe.
Vulnerable families practicig an improved personal and environmental hygiene against COVID 19.
100 vulnerable families in Sapele community receiving relief materials to support their needs during the lockdown.


Our outreach which commenced on 1 March, 2020, provided hand sanitizers while sensitizing families on the importance of staying safe in the first phase, where 100 bottles of sanitizers were given away. The second phase encompassed the distribution of relief materials to over 100 families, especially women and people with disabilities in Sapele Local Government Area. Our team collaborated with a renowned community mobilizer, Mr. Bemigho Jakpa (Creative director for the Facebook page Sapele Olofofo) to ensure we serve the most needy families in our host community.

With the COVID 19 Pandemic Rural Response we were able to carry out a door to door sensitization on the COVID 19 pandemic to 202 families in two different communities of Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State. Our field report shows we were also able to provide relief packages to 102 families that sum up to 430persons (inclusive of wives, children and grandchildren)

During our outreach, responses we got were overwhelming as we were met with families who even prior to the outbreak of the pandemic in Nigeria and the lockdown could not fend for themselves and their families.
While 5% of these families had health challenges that had crippled their means of survival, 10% were from the disabled population who are either blind, deaf, dump or stationed to a well chair. The remaining 85% of the families who benefited from this outreach were those whose daily e was less than One thousand Naira (N1,000.00) before the lockdown.
We met a family of 9 comprising of 8 deaf persons and 1 dumb who served as our translator. She (the dumb daughter) told us that her mum who works as a cleaner had not been paid for her services and in most cases got exploited because of her disability. They were elated by our support.


An elderly woman living in one of the communities Sapele, who has suffered as a leper abandoned and uncared for because of the stigma associated with her ailment was short of words and full of prayers for our sponsors for been remembered in this manner for the first time in her low estate.

A married couple both blind from birth, struggling to raise and care for their four children were full of appreciation to our sponsors for the support received. Already equipped on the safety measures against the COVID 19 pandemic from his radio, he continually prays and hopes for a better tomorrow. He is geared by our outreach to sensitize those within his reach against the pandemic.

A young uneducated mother, who gave in to drinking the locally processed gin because of the various myths she was taught to protect herself against the virus. Upon sensitization on the Coronavirus, she understood that she was becoming an alcoholic and not observing the right measures to keep her safe. She promised to stop drinking immediately, observe all measures she was sensitized on, stay healthy and sensitize others.

An elderly man, living alone in a self-constructed wooden apartment with no one to care for him and provide support to his health condition was all smiles as he confessed he had been praying for a helper who would solve his problem of hunger and want. He urged us never to stop doing good.