Women make up about 49 per cent of the Nigerian population and nearly one out of four women in sub-Saharan Africa is a Nigerian. While this presents potential human resources that can be harnessed to enhance economic productivity; the disparities in social, political and economic opportunities between men and women have never been starker. Women own only 20 per cent of enterprises in the formal sector and Nigeria has the lowest number of female parliamentarians in sub-Saharan Africa and ranks 133rd in the world for female political representation, Women in Nigeria make up 49 per cent of the population, but only four per cent of lawmakers. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has noted, “Women typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men “However, when it comes to career progression women are continually short-changed by bias.

Hence the reason we developed SSLA , which is a grassroots leadership program designed to groom female change makers from Nigeria through a structured curriculum delivered in periodic workshops and mentorship support from high impact females globally. SSLA is building a strong network that gives lifelong support and creates opportunities for young women to thrive and excel, by providing access to scholarships for international exchange programs for outstanding fellows.

She Stands Ambassadors Program (STAMP)

The STAMP program is implemented in three phases over duration of 1 year; the first phase is the selection of high potential females who are passionate about making impact through various social innovation or entrepreneurship projects. A call for application is put out through which 20 beneficiaries are selected to partake in a week long boot camp, where high impact females are brought in to teach them innovative and sustainable ways to make global impact starting from their communities. On successful completion of the boot camp a, year long mentorship and ambassadorship phase is launched, called STAMP.

At the close of the boot camp, a pitch competition is held where 10 outstanding ideas are picked and the founders appointed ambassadors of the she stands program, these 10 are given further technical and capacity support to develop their projects and make impact over the year and at the end of the fellowship year, all beneficiaries are invited to the annual She Stands Conference for a graduation and awards ceremony.



The SSLA through its initiatives has impacted over 2000 females since 2016 and 14 ambassadors groomed till date. To learn more about the success stories of our ambassadors and beneficiaries, see our gallery for more details.