The literacy cluster initiative is a brain child of RUDERF which began in 2016 as a campaign for education in rural communities in the Niger – Delta. The campaign “EDUCATION CANNOT WAIT” which till date has benefitted 4 communities and impacted over 2000 children from under-served areas is designed to eradicate literacy in all forms and provide access to education for all. .


The LCI is designed to provide access to basic literacy skills in rural communities, focusing on children within the ages of 5 – 14 who are not in school and have little or no basic access to education.
The LCI prepares beneficiaries for other learning opportunities, giving them a chance to succeed in formal educational settings or be able to read, write and communicate effectively despite lack of opportunities to acquire formal education in an academic community. The LCI sets up learning clusters within communities, recruits out of school children and equips them with basic literacy skills with the aid of trained volunteers for duration of 3-6 months depending on the commitment and learning capacity of the individual.
The literacy clusters hold their sessions between 3- 4 hours every Saturday, where subjects such as English language, phonetics, arithmetic, verbal reasoning and quantitative analysis are taught, utilizing a well-structured curriculum. The LCI is a free for beneficiaries’ program, and the criteria for being admitted are commitment as well as demonstration of need.


As a part of the LCI school support program, we produce backpacks (school bags and pencil cases) from recycled materials (Sacks) and distribute them for free to rural communities, to ensure under- served children have materials needed for their education.