The Education Cannot Wait Media Campaign included an all out campaign utilizing social media platforms, television, media, radio and print media to promote the campaign in major towns and villages within the South – South region of Nigeria, specifically Delta state.
Interviews and discussion sessions were held in the Delta state Television and radio station continuously to imprint the campaign in the minds of the people, and also giving them room to phone in on ongoing conversations, and drive collaborations on the campaign. Print media publicity materials ranging from flyers, banners, handbills, stickers and t-shirts bearing inscriptions and logos of the campaign was also launched during this phase.
A massive online campaign was sponsored via popular platforms, eg Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube etc.
The media campaign broadened the scope of the campaign to reach out to over 10,000 social media platform users worldwide, which in turn brought about more involvement and sparked major contributions from diverse individuals and groups. Our radio and tv interviews, discussions and sessions reached over 500,000 viewers and listeners across Delta state and beyond