The purpose of our safe space program is to create a hospitable and welcoming environment for women and girls suffering any form of violence, discrimination or inequality to learn about her rights and access support and guidance towards rising above her challenges. We advocate for the rights, empowerment and development of women towards a more equal and safe society for women.

Our safe space is a supportive community where women and girls feel safe and free to express themselves, develop their capacities and access a wide range of free services and opportunities to improve their lives and position them for significant integration in the society…


Our Vision: To become the leading enterprise that bridges the gap in financial inclusion and digital learning for women led micro SME’s in rural Nigeria.
Mission: To strengthen the capacities of women led MSME’s in rural Nigeria by bridging the gap in digital learning and financial inclusion.
What we do:
• Provide simplified digital learning tools for rural women led MSME’s.
• Provide financial counseling and access to financial services/funds to women led micro SME’s.
• Provide specialized skill training and simplified business development tools to women led MSME’s in rural Nigeria.

The COVID-19 pandemic unmasked substantial inequalities in education, causing families who earn below $2 daily to face harsh economic realities that exclude them from available digital solutions. Despite the spike in digital solutions to combat the educational crisis globally, children in rural and under-served communities in Nigeria are being left behind as they are not equipped to adapt or transition to the new methods of learning.

Hence, the Education without Borders project is an innovative and sustainable solution created to ensure all children despite limitation have access to books and learning materials while at home.

The COVID 19 Pandemic Rural Response is an intervention we designed to sensitize people living in underserved communities on the COVID-19 pandemic and to provide aid to the most vulnerable families in our community by delivering relief materials such as food items and basic supplies needed for survival during the compulsory lockdown, imposed by most Nigerian states in the heat of COVID-19. These relief packages would enable these families stay safe and survive these hard times. ..

Women make up about 49 per cent of the Nigerian. While this presents potential human resources that can be harnessed to enhance productivity; the disparities in social, political and economic opportunities between men and women have never been starker. Women own only 20 per cent of enterprises in the formal sector and Nigeria has the lowest number of female parliamentarians in sub-Saharan Africa and ranks 133rd in the world for female political representation, Women in Nigeria make up 49 per cent of the population, but only four per cent of lawmakers…

The she stands conference is an annual program of RUDERF that brings together young girls from across Africa to interact and learn from high impact women across sectors in society to be inspired and motivated for personal development and growth. STC is an inclusion of a keynote speech and panel discussion sessions. In the conference, 3 outstanding females are announced and awarded funding support to launch community development their project. These awardees are selected from the She Stands ambassadors bootcamp project.

The literacy cluster initiative is a brain child of RUDERF which began in 2016 as a campaign for education in rural communities in the Niger – Delta titled “EDUCATION CANNOT WAIT” and till date has benefitted 4 communities and impacted over 2000 children from under-served areas is designed to eradicate Illiteracy in all forms and provide access to education rural children. The LCI is designed to provide access to basic literacy skills in rural communities, focusing on children within the ages of 5 – 14 who are not in school and have little or no basic access to education….

Teachers are key to the success of any education system. In places deeply affected by poverty and conflict for generations, finding someone who has both the qualifications and the training to be a teacher is a challenge. The T-HERO Initiative focuses on rural communities in the Niger Delta region to promote #Education 4 all through teacher orientation and training utilizing modern learning techniques in Montessori teaching for grassroots learners. The aim is to empower teachers in rural areas for grassroots impartation. Without qualified teachers, providing quality education will always be a struggle ..


This initiative focuses on mentoring young people towards developing leadership skills, building a community of inspired and motivated youth and giving them a platform to become viable change makers and relevant contributors to community development and nation building. In 2018, We Lead Mentorship Program, Igbodo was launched with a focus on mentoring teenage boys and girls in Igbodo community toward developing leadership skills, building an Igbodo community of inspired and motivated youth and giving them a platform to become viable change makers and relevant contributors to community development and nation building.


The Igbodo libray and book club project is an initiative that believes that all children should have access to books. In a bid to revive and imbibe the reading culture among school children of the Igbodo community, we developed a community driven fully equipped and functional library in the heart of the community in partnership with Union Bank..


The IYDP 2019 focused on empowering community indigenes with economically advantageous and lucrative skills which they can utilize in cities and towns for economic benefits as well as prepare its beneficiaries to create, identify and be empowered to create financial opportunities for themselves wherever they are through these skills. Our goal was to enlighten, equip and groom young people from Igbodo community with relevant skills ranging from digital, technological and creative recycling skills, to discourage the appeal of illegal migration and channel focus towards self-development and problem solving; thereby preparing them for leadership and engagement in strategic development within the community and Nigeria at large to drive economic empowerment and activity from within the community….

Information and Communication Technologies

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is reshaping the economic and social landscape of people’s lives. Technology has the potential to improve the quality of life of individuals by providing„ easy‟ access to a wealth of information, goods and services. They can also stimulate continuous innovation that leverages the competitiveness of businesses. Yet, there is a growing concern over the digital divide between those living in rural and urban communities. ..