Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is reshaping the economic and social landscape of people’s lives. Technology has the potential to improve the quality of life of individuals by providing„ easy‟ access to a wealth of information, goods and services. They can also stimulate continuous innovation that leverages the competitiveness of businesses. Yet, there is a growing concern over the digital divide between those living in rural and urban communities. Lack of digital and tech access and skills can lead to, or reinforce, disadvantages between individuals and firms at a number of levels (DTI, 2000). For example, it deprives individuals of opportunities to participate fully in the local and national economy. Also, without digital literate employees and expertise, businesses are unable to compete in the increasingly inter-penetrated global market.

Young people in rural and peri-urban towns have little or no access to adequate or quality ICT training hence are cut off from a vast range of opportunities it presents. The focus of the training is to equip young people with ICT skills in coding and app development as a result making them agents of development who would develop cutting edge technological innovations geared towards social change and economic development at community and global levels.
Our goal is the training of young people from rural and peri urban communities on ICT skills to empower and position them in the global move for internet based and technological advancement cutting across all sectors. Ensuring that they are able to compete and access advanced opportunities and take leadership positions in the global tech world, and also bring development and innovations to their communities.


  1. Expanding opportunities for youths towards building skill and expertise in the global tech world.
  2. The provision of improved digital and tech knowledge to encourage youth participation and development
  3. To foster and promote innovative ideas and creations among youths
  4. To initiate inclusion of tech inclined teenagers in community ICT development
  5. The development of channels to allow global participation of youths in ICT

SOLAR / GREEN ENERGY LITERACY TRAINING: This initiative is structured to help build a generation of technologically inclined and innovative youths. Empowering and birthing a new generation of tech inclined youths through inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship, through clean energy source trainings to position them for global advancement following the trend of a fast growing universe, positioning them to stand as young innovators advancing Africa. Ensuring no one is left behind in the positioning for harnessing advanced skills and technology in order to harness growing opportunities in developed countries and Africa at large.

MODE OF OPERATION: Our mode of operation involves two strategies;

  • High school training workshops: The high school training workshop is a training program held in secondary schools across Nigeria. The world is fast becoming a global village and educational institutions at all levels must position themselves as technology compliant through including curricular and extracurricular programs to enlighten their students on solar energy from basic to intermediate stages. This is an unquantifiable asset for the school and students to gain unparalleled knowledge and install solar systems within the school through the input and innovative prowess of the students inspired by our proposed workshops.
  • Intensive training workshops for rural communities: Community empowerment has gone beyond handing out relief materials and stipends to indigenous people. Leaders who are conscious and committed to empowering their people ought to provide channels for them to acquire skills that would position them in a fast growing technologically inclined world. Communities commission us to host training programs within their communities to train youth on solar panel, inverter installations and maintenance and electrical works. To position them for skilled jobs within and outside the communities .Through our tech partners, we create learning opportunities for young people in rural communities to acquire tech and digital skills, preparing them for economic growth and development.