On the 1st of October 2016 which marks the independence of Nigeria, we held a WALK in two major cities in Delta-State Nigeria. The purpose of these events was a common goal to create awareness amongst the people on the importance of Education and its roles in community development and nation building and the intricate roles of individuals and stake holders in ensuring education is priority for all.
The campaign WALK held in two peri urban towns surrounded by rural settlements which serve as a central place of commerce for the rural communities. Warri and Sapele towns respectively. Media publicity was utilized and volunteers turned up en mass to promote the campaign.
Participation statistics was high and the aim of the walk was achieved as it created major awareness within and outside these communities. The event lasted from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and ended up in a rendezvous where inspirational youth addressed the participants and challenged them to take up the mandate and become ambassadors for Education within their sphere of influence henceforth.
The WALK in warri was spear headed by our team lead Tina Tano and our resource person was a lecturer of The Petroleum Training Institute, Delta State , Nigeria in the person of Acc Ajakpovi Golo of the account department a young inspirational youth who is passionate about impacting lives and championing causes that inspire self-development.
The WALK in sapele had a massive turn out as well, consisting of youth and teenagers. Our partner organization, The Redcross Society , Sapele division, turned up en mass colorfully dressed and completed the exercise, the Athlethic Club, Sapele a partner organization was our converging ground and the closing remarks was given by our Matron Mrs Edith Achinike , a seasoned Educator and humanitarian advocate. The WALK in both locations ceated awareness and sensitized these communities and neighboring villages who troop in for trade and commerce on the importance of education.